Before finishing my Bachelors degree in Fine Art I studied Philosophy and Theology for three years. My goal in studying Philosophy and Theology was to develop an understanding for why people have various worldviews and are able to live according to these ideas. I soon realized that purely academic knowledge of these things was not enough. Interaction became key and art was the perfect outlet to engage with people about how they view life.

Currently my artist research primarily focuses on the impact socially constructed systems have on our lives, and how those systems affect the perceived world. Recognizing that humanity is a key actor in history, I strive to illustrate the struggle faced when solving one problem, with invention and innovation, only creates new one. It is the tension this frustrating dichotomy creates that facilitates concept.

From the Internet and television has grown a truly "participatory culture". As passive consumers morph into active participants, every contribution has a lasting impact within the seamless web developing. Although hard to describe the media and technology in terms of good or bad, it is vital that people remain active and not turn into passive participants. By presenting technological infrastructures and tactilely subjecting viewers to the controlling nature of various technologies, I aim to provoke a reaction which everyday life might not.